SEPTEMBER Lock Screen Download


One of my dearest friends, Maddi Fieleke, had the brilliant idea to start a little project called Send Joy. It was birthed out of the desire to slow down and enjoy even the simplest moments of joy. And if you're like any normal human, the thrill of receiving a package in the mail with your name on it is enough to make your day...week..MONTH! So she started a gift swap, pairing up 100 participants at random to send out thoughtfully curated packages to spread a little love. Amazing idea, right??! I loved the idea of being able to share a few of your favorite somethings with someone halfway across the country.

I liked the idea so much I had to get on board. So, Maddi and I collaborated to send the participants... (and my readers!) a little joy of our own. Set this design as your phone lock screen as a sweet reminder to find what makes you come alive! I hope this sends a little joy your way today. 

I'll be putting my package together over the next few weeks, and will be sharing what I send out!

Download this lock screen below: