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One of my dearest friends, Maddi Fieleke, had the brilliant idea to start a little project called Send Joy. It was birthed out of the desire to slow down and enjoy even the simplest moments of joy. And if you're like any normal human, the thrill of receiving a package in the mail with your name on it is enough to make your day...week..MONTH! So she started a gift swap, pairing up 100 participants at random to send out thoughtfully curated packages to spread a little love. Amazing idea, right??! I loved the idea of being able to share a few of your favorite somethings with someone halfway across the country.

I liked the idea so much I had to get on board. So, Maddi and I collaborated to send the participants... (and my readers!) a little joy of our own. Set this design as your phone lock screen as a sweet reminder to find what makes you come alive! I hope this sends a little joy your way today. 

I'll be putting my package together over the next few weeks, and will be sharing what I send out!

Download this lock screen below:


Strawberry Serrano Jam

by Hannah Loporchio

photo by Dana Bueno

photo by Dana Bueno

Every time I go home to California, my mom always has a jar of strawberry pepper jam waiting for me. It is a delicious blend of sweet and spicy, the kind of treat that pairs perfectly with brie, crackers and a relaxing afternoon. 

photo by  Dana Bueno

photo by Dana Bueno

Unfortunately, pepper jam is hard to find in Nashville. Being the resourceful, do-it-yourself girl that I am, I set out to bring this taste of home to my new city. Now that the summer strawberry season is upon us, it is the perfect time to make my own strawberry pepper jam.

For someone who have never made any sort of jam before, I was worried about how it would turn out. To my surprise, strawberry pepper jam is incredibly quick and easy to make! The recipe takes about 45 minutes and yields four and a half 16 oz jars.


4 cups crushed strawberries (about 2 pints)

6 sorrano peppers

1 lemon

1 packet of liquid pectin
(found it in the jello aisle)

7 cups of sugar


Food processor or press chopper

Large stock pot

Canning jars

First, hull and crush the strawberries. I used a press chopper to finely chop the strawberries. You can also use a potato masher or food processor. Once the strawberries are crushed, measure out 4 cups and place in a giant pot.

Next, stir in 7 cups of sugar (I know). It’s important to stick to the amount of sugar the recipe calls for or the pectin won’t react the same to create a jam.

Cut the stems off the peppers and place in a food processor. Process peppers until they are finely cut into small pieces.

Add the peppers to the pot along with the juice of one lemon.

Bring the pot to a roiling boil, occasionally stirring so that the jam doesn’t burn.

Once it is boiling, add in the packet of pectin and stir until it is gone. Let the mixture boil for about one minute before removing from heat. If your jam is foaming, you can scoop it off with a spoon.

Wash your canning jars with hot water. Ladle your jam into your jars and let them cool before placing them in the refrigerator to solidify a little bit more.

Congratulations! You did it! I hope this California favorite becomes a staple in your home this summer.

What are recipes that remind you of home? 


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Summer is clearly upon us. Gardens have been planted, the sun is shining a bit brighter, and the scent of sunblock and peonies are in the air. This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson captures the essence of summer so perfectly in our minds, so we wanted to create a lock screen to visually capture that. Choose from three designs below to deck out your phone for Summer! 


The Kentucky Highballer

We're starting a new trend here at High Fancy Paper...we're calling it High Fancy Friday! Every Friday we'll share some of the creative outlets that keep us inspired and energized outside of the 9 to 5. We hope you'll chime in too.

So if you spend enough time around me, you'll see that March Madness is my favorite sporting event of the entire year. So in honor of my prediction for the tournament champion, I give you the Kentucky Highballer, a whiskey ginger drink perfect for a classy game day party!

A friend of mine gave me this bottle of whiskey for a birthday gift. I thought that it would be perfectly paired with the ginger syrup I received as a birthday gift as well. And it was! The two together, with a nice blend of citrus, created a great drink that wasn't overly sweet. 

The Kentucky Highballer


2 oz. Lexington Bourbon Whiskey

.5 oz Morris Kitchen Ginger syrup 

1 orange wedge

Large ice cube

Orange peel and mint for garnish






Ice cube tray: got mine here



Measure out the whiskey and syrup into shaker. Place a few small cubes of ice in and shake. In a glass, muddle wedge of orange and remove peel. Strain drink into glass. Rub orange peel around the edge of the glass, then place in the drink. Add fresh mint for garnish. 


What are some of your favorite drink recipes?